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You met us

We were totally out of sorts.

panicked and grief-stricken,

in complete shock,

raw with emotion,

and in need

of rest.

It was there, in our crisis,

in our time of need,

that you met us.

You graciously welcomed us in,

opening your doors to

provide us with food

and a place to lay

our heads at

no cost.

And as the days

turned into weeks,

and weeks into a month,

you met us with loving concern.

Once strangers, you

quickly found a place in our

hearts. You became the smiling

faces that greeted us each morning.

You became the friends that inquired of our

situation daily, with genuine interest. With us,

you celebrated our highs, and with us, you compassionately

understood our lows. It’s no wonder how you became our treasured

family away from home.

You met so many of our needs when

we didn’t have the energy or the means

to meet them ourselves. You lovingly poured

into us, filling us up so that we could be present

and capable of pouring into the sick child who needed us.

We will never forget how

you showed up for us when we

needed it the most. Your lovingkindness

left a beautiful impression on our hearts that

inspires us to meet others with the same love and

compassion you showed us. From the bottom of our hearts,


Hope in the unexpected©


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