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From skeptic to prayer ministry founder

Get to Know My Heart for Prayer

Prayer saved me from the pits of despair and made me a believer.

Prayer was my lifeline in a season of rebuilding after a tumultuous divorce.

Prayer was my constant companion through a pregnancy saturated with spiritual warfare.

Prayer sustained me through a 37-day hospital NICU stay with my son.

Prayer was and is my peace through trauma.

Prayer is my love offering to others.

Prayer is my passion and purpose.

Seek Intercessory Prayer

Prayerful Practices

Learn more about some of the practices that make up my prayer life.


Breath Prayers

When the worries and stresses of this world threaten to steal my peace, I find great comfort in the simple and effective practice of breath prayers.


Praying Scripture

In the moments when I don't know what to pray, I pray the holy scriptures back to God. He has given us everything we need in

His Word. 


ACTS template

Not sure how to pray? I learned how to pray from The Lord's Prayer or the ACTS template. I structure all my prayers around this wonderful template.

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