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God Wastes Nothing

Sweet Friend, As you heal and learn to hope again, please remember God wastes nothing. The terrifying trauma. The debilitating pain. The wandering thoughts. The endless worry. The soul-wrenching anguish. The absolute desperation. The paralyzing fear. The endless tears. The clouded confusion. The eerie unknown. The stillness of waiting. All of it is not wasted. All of it can be used. No matter how painful, no matter how bleak, none of it signifies an end. In fact, if you allow it, it can mark a beautiful beginning. Sweet friend, you’ve made it through the storm. The dark clouds are parting. The rain is stopping. The sun is coming out and a beautiful rainbow is breaking through. And’re still standing! There are reasons for this season. Good can come from this. God can bring purpose to the pain. He can work things together for good. I encourage you to listen for His whispers. Keep your eyes open for signs and direction. Boldly follow the leading He has placed in your heart. Let Him use you and your situation. Speak that word of encouragement. Say that prayer. Send that loving glance. After all, you may very well be the hopeful ray of light that breaks through in someone else’s storm. Love, Jessika Hope in the unexpected ©


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