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Harsh, unsolicited advice that lacks love and compassion.

Ignorant, senseless assumptions that threaten to make your blood boil.

Arrogant, hateful judgments that hurt your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

Tactless, opinionated comments that cause the breath to expel loudly from your lungs.

Unfortunately, social media is full of them, full of our keyboard-brave friends with little to no regard as to how their words impact others.

Sometimes we read the comments in passing. We read the comments directed at everyday people in the news, celebrities in the public eye, and complete strangers.

And other times we read the comments that boldly catch our eye. We read the comments directed at friends. We read the comments directed at ourselves.

And let me tell you, sometimes I want to retaliate. Sometimes a barrage of quick-witted quips come to mind. Sometimes I feel the urge to just set people straight and put them in their place.

But it’s in these moments that I literally use my fingers to clamp my mouth shut. It’s in these moments that I physically prevent myself from typing back a response. It’s in these moments that I restraint myself because

(((God-filter loading…)))

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