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Day 9: “We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him,”

BLOG SERIES: The Birth of Jesus—Obedience leads to Blessings

Last night, we packed our children into our SUV and cranked the heater to toasty warm so our little Florida bodies wouldn’t freeze in the 60-degree temps. As the Christmas music played softly, we drove around our town to view the Christmas lights. My children squealed with delight at the inflatable Santas, reindeer, and the occasional Christmas unicorn. My eyes, however, were drawn elsewhere. I found myself staring at the sky. The constellations were in clear view, and the half-moon blazed brightly. And then there was the Christmas star—the divine alignment of Saturn and Jupiter. My eyes found it, and I was filled with wonder.

As we slowly drove through the back streets of quaint neighborhoods, I couldn’t help but think of the Magi. They followed a similar star 2000+ years ago. While we took a 30-minute leisurely drive, they traveled hundreds of miles at a camel’s pace and most likely for months. After about 15 minutes, my neck started to cramp from my constant struggle to seek out the star. I finally gave in and lowered my gaze. But still, my heart continued to marvel at the majestic nature of the star.

Can you imagine what their journey must have been like? Can you imagine months of looking at the sky? Can you imagine months of being captivated by the promise of a glorious star? Can you imagine months of journeying expectant on seeing a miracle, a baby born king of the Jews?


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