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Day 8: “They spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all..."

BLOG SERIES: The Birth of Jesus—Obedience leads to Blessings

Imagine the night sky being lit up with a heavenly host of angels. Imagine the wondrous glory of it all. The blinding radiance. The angelic voices.

Imagine being ordered to seek out the Savior. Imagine dropping everything and running to the side of a baby in a manger. Imagine finding that manger and realizing the enormity of which you were a part.

Imagine the inexplainable excitement in your heart, and the awesome urge to share that news, the good news, with everyone. Can you imagine how on fire these shepherds were for Jesus? Oh, how my heart is so encouraged by the sweet shepherds of this story. Oh, how my heart yearns to be more like these men in my obedience and in the condition of my heart.


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