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Jessika Sanders, Writer Biblical encouragement and prayerful support for difficult times

Welcome, friend.


I’m so glad your wandering has led you here.  No matter how alone you might feel journeying through the wilderness seasons, I promise you, you’re not alone.  Not only am I here with you, but there are hundreds, thousands, millions of others climbing the sandy dunes, too.

But most encouraging of all, I want to remind you God is here, too. He has always been here. In fact, He has always been here, there, everywhere—since the very beginning of time.  I pray that here you’ll feel seen, heard, and understood—even in the complex seasons. It is my hope that this space will be your desert oasis of Biblical encouragement and prayerful support—a space where the Living Water refreshes you, fuels you, and keeps you pressing on.   

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